Unicorn Journals

Chronicles of the thoughts passing through a Unicorn's head

New Year’s Irresolutions

Happy New 2018

As usual, the last couple of days of the year are a time of reflection. Unusually though, this year is different – I have no desire to reflect on the past year – it has been great and there is nothing more I could’ve asked for. And I think this is what happiness is –..

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Rainbow Cheesecake

lemon curd cake

I had a couple of days off around my birthday and was planning on baking a cake. Unfortunately, the “free time” I thought I had quickly got eaten up by various different things I had neglected in the past weeks. Still focused on the cake, I thought I’d do a no-bake cheesecake – something light..

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Miykovtsi – A Piece of Heaven on Earth

View towads Miykovtsi in Winter

It might be due to my childhood memories, however, everyone I have brought here confirms it – Miykovtsi is a special village. It makes you feel like home as soon as you arrive.The peace and quiet of the Balkan, combined with the hospitality of the locals sets you off for an amazing experience. Whether you..

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