As usual, the last couple of days of the year are a time of reflection. Unusually though, this year is different – I have no desire to reflect on the past year – it has been great and there is nothing more I could’ve asked for. And I think this is what happiness is – being content with what is thrown your way and striving upwards, without forgetting to be grateful for where you are at the present moment. I will not go in detail as to what 2017 was as it was, but here is what I have to say for 2018.

2018 – Let’s do it differently

My biggest wish for 2018 (besides health and good fortune :D) is to help people be better and believe in themselves more. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think I’m perfect, but 2017 thought me to get past the superficial resolutions related to me being better, like: get my dream job, lose 1234 kg, stop biting my nails, buy all kinds of shit I will never use, etc. – you get the point. Not that those aren’t good resolutions – they are just things we should strive for every day, not only in January. If you decide you want to be better in a certain aspect – just do it right now (I’m not the brightest example in some cases, but let’s face it – being more active starts with you getting off the couch right when you decide on it, not after 2-3 more doughnuts).

So yes – I’ve come to realize that most people I’ve met are always in the extremes. For example – they either have a super high self-esteem or a lack of one. (Thank you, 2017 for meeting me with balanced people.). So my wish for 2018 is to be able to help more people in finding their true selves and no, not by telling them how beautiful, smart or whatever amazing things they are (though this helps at times).

Unfortunately, at this point I cannot really tell you how I intend to do this and I’m hoping to be able to share such occasions with you through 2018. Knowing that in 2017, I have inspired at least 2 people to pursue their dreams (successfully too) gives me hope for 2018 – maybe a target of 3 this time?

And to you, dear reader, I hope each day you are kinder and more grateful than you were the day before. This in itself is inspiring enough for bystanders who need to be “led by example” and will hopefully take after you one day.

2017 – Couldn’t do without a recap

Oh, well. I took the time to review the photos I have taken during this year – please find some of them below with their backstories. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really put everything in there as this post would’ve gotten waaay too long and besides – there are plenty of experiences which have gone un-photographed but definitely not un-enjoyed (like the multiple festivals and events we went to <3). Compiling the photos made me realize that time doesn’t really fly as fast as we think it does so maybe we do need to reminisce every once in a while about what has been and what’s to come (but don’t get stuck in the past too much!). Hope you enjoy the gallery and if you have any thoughts – feel free to share a comment 🙂


Annie ❤